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tv   News  ABC  August 4, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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images because we've had clear skies overnight. relatively dry air. not that sticky and humid yet but there's been patchy fog. you can see just behind the building at glen el country school. a little haze in the air, 66, that will burn off in a hurry. currently glen burnie is 70. clear skies overnight. a little patchy fog and maybe high clouds in the afternoon. we're looking for a two-degree guarantee to get us back up to 91. by mid-afternoon and evening there may be more clouds and isolated shower popping up but most of the day, sunny and dry. 6:30. let's go back to the drive with kim brown. >> thank you. just getting word of a crash in bel air. that is going to be on 95 northbound as you make your way off of 95 to emmorton road northbound. a vehicle spun out on the exit ramp. that ramp is shut down at this time. downtown, we had a crash there at south paca street at west camden street. that has been cleared. however, that crash on southbound 295 at russell street remains on the scene. quick look at the beltway, this
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is 695 at liberty road. you can see things flowing freely at this time. no delays or incidents. back to you. 6:31. the victims are 2 and 13 years old and there may be more. >> two people from middle river are in jail on child porn charges. cheryl conner at police headquarters with more. >> reporter: good morning. right now police say their first priority is to locate all of the victims. they say they know there are at least three victims but so far detectives have not been able to identify them. last week police arrested 34-year-old john nicklas and his fiancee shannon honea. police say the couple made videos of children ranging in age from 2 to 13 and sexually abused them in their middle river home. during a search of the home detectives also discovered several prescription bottles in the couple's bedroom and they say one of the videos shows a preteen girl apparently unconscious during the abuse. we talked to christine, who
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says she's the ex-wife of nick last. ---- nicklas. she doesn't want her face shown but says she still lives with the couple, now in jail. ok, let's go to the full screen because police are asking for your help. they say the children have not been identified by police so they are asking anyone who knows of a child who may have come in contact with the couple to call the baltimore county crimes against children unit. that number is 410-853-3650. detectives think some of the abuse may have happened in a hotel room in atlanta, georgia. they say that is shannon honea's hometown. bail was denied for john nicklas. it was set at $5 million for shannon honea. cheryl conner, abc2 news. police in anne arundel county say they have busted a north carolina man accused of impersonating a police officer. happened on saturday on burger street in odenton.
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police say 48-year-old drew wells approached a man, claimed he was a police officer and was wearing a badge around his neck. the man realized it was a fake and threatened to call police. at that point the suspect took off but his vehicle was spotted in the nearby parking lot. on edmondson avenue police say a man walked into an auto store and shot another man in the back of the head. the victim was last listed in critical condition. a neighborhood vigil is planned for this coming saturday but yesterday the west baltimore community gathered to stand up against that kind of violence in their own neighborhood. >> we realize that anger is a problem, and senseless, and there is even worse. so what we are doing is saying that there is an alternative and that alternative comes through god. >> the rally was put on by the west baltimore coalition. baltimore city, northern and southern park heights are coming together, the communities will be celebrating
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their national night out. participants can enjoy music, local bands, vendors, free food. groups will be also passing out information about making the community more safe. tonight's event runs from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. if you would like more information we've put it all on our web site, when you get to the home page click on links. despite all the recent violence we've reported now it's time to report on some of the good news about crime in maryland. state police are reporting a drop in murders across the board. theune form crime report -- uniform crime report shows an 11% drop in murders from 2007 to 2008. it also shows violent crimes dropped about 2%. ready for your close-up? this is not the kind of pirkt you want. become moving forward with plans to take your -- baltimore county moving forward with plans to take your picture and fine you if you're speeding. a measure was announced that would put speed cameras in school zones. and that they say it's a matter of not making money but saving
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money. it includes a 12 mile-per-hour buffer as well as a grace period. police say they would issue warnings for the first 30 days. 6:34. a flight to houston turns into more like a roller coaster ride. >> we take you in the plane after violent turbulence throws passengers out of their seats, slamming some of them into the plane's ceiling. 6:35. we have a mild start this morning. a little bit of patchy nothing. we're going to crank temperatures up to near 90 for a couple days. our two-degree guaranteed forecast coming up. here's kim with a check of the roads. >> traffic flowing freely here at liberty road on the outer loop, no problems through to the baltimore national pike. right now let's check the buses and trains with mark jones. good morning. have an earlier delay on light rail. that is back on time. metro subway looking good. marc operating on time but on the buses look for the number 1 and 91 both running about 20 minutes late. 8 and 10 buses are 10 to 15 minutes behind. number 17, a diversion at nursery and winterson for ongoing construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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there's a new way to find cheap last-minute flights. united airlines and jetblue are introducing twitter exclusive promotion. calling it twares. get it? the dealers are announced -- the deals are announced on twitter with you you have to -- but you have to stay alert. they can disappear in just hours. you either need to be glued to the tweet deck, your screen or have great timing. instead of asking church members for donations one congregation in florida is handing out cash. church members were shocked over the weekend when they all learned an envelope in cash was for them. some got $10. others got $100. part of the pay it forward program. members take that cash and give it to someone who may need it
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more. one guy tried to surprise a waitress but she had a better surprise for him >> i started to explain what our church was doing and before i could even get it out she said, oh, is it the baptist church in the middle of town? >> -- i said yes. >> she said i have two other people that gave me money because of what your church is doing. >> wow. another woman gave her money to a polite clerk at the wendy's. another gave his money to a homeless man he came across outside of the church. others are trying to figure out how to pay their cash forward. >> good program. we'll be right back.
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good morning. i'm jamie costello >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. before we get to weather and traffic. let's update you on the top stories. do we have a deal? sherrie johnson reports on the "cash for clunkers" program that is trying to refuel. it was not just a bumpy ride. it was enough to convince you not to fly again. and live in towson on a disturbing case of child porn.
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two people under arrest as police look for more victims. first a check of the weather. >> 6:43. some of you have a hint of haze and fog, otherwise we have clear skies above and it's going to be relatively comfortable with -- relatively low humidity by august standards. 67 degrees in baltimore now. 50s back in altoona. versus the 70s along the shoreline. satellite and radar composite virtually clear, high clouds back into the mountains. again, we have a little hint of fog back here. in parts north and west of baltimore. what we're watching, just on the edge of the screen, widescreen sets may pick up showers approaching columbus, ohio, some clouds may come in, in the afternoon but most of the day willbe dry. high clouds, storms come in to central and southern pennsylvania, could clip the northwest side this evening, a little fog overnight. we're watching a better chance of showers and storms with a cold front tomorrow afternoon and could linger on in through the evening hours and then we'll look for another chance
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of showers lingering behind the boundary thursday. today's two-degree guarantee gets us to 91. it will be mostly sunny but again clouds arrive late in the day. this evening could be a thundershower. then we clear out with fog overnight and we're down to around 70. let's check the roads with kim. >> we have volume building on southbound 83 but traffic is flowing nicely from about shawan road through to about the 695 interchange. no problems to report there. as we check around the area we do have an accident to tell you about in bel air, 95 northbound ramp to emmorton road. that is closed because of a crash. a vehicle spun out there. definitely don't want that if possible. also southbound on the bw parkway at russell street, that crash remains on the scene. impacts you a little slightly if you make your way southbound on the bw parkway this morning. as we check the cameras, this is the jfx at north avenue. you can see traffic is flowing freely. as we look at the outer loop at liberty road we do have a little bit of building value us a make your way to the route 70 interchange. you can see no delays to tell you about right now. back to you.
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6:45. a police tip on july 15th led us to this. >> two people from middle river are under arrest this morning on child pornography charges. cheryl conner is live. police say there's more victims out there? >> reporter: it's a possibility. actually, this case may lead them to atlanta, georgia. we'll get to more on that in a minute, but so far police have not been able to identify the victims in the videos but they know there are at least three victims. last week baltimore county police arrested 34-year-old john nicklas and his fiancee, 26-year-old shannon honea. police say the couple sexually abused and videotaped children as young as 2 years old in their middle river home in the 9700 block of conmar road. we know the couple are both emts with transcare. a spokesperson says they were fired after not reporting to work last week. the couple was arrested july 30th. zekives also discovered -- detectives also discovered prescription bottles in the
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couple's bedroom and say one of the videos shows a preteen girl apparently unconscious during the abuse. hear now from police who say they are sickened by the crime. we also caught up with christine, the ex-wife of john nicklas. she doesn't want to be identified but she lives with the couple. >> anybody, in this kind of business, in public service, we see a lot of very sick things. this is sickening. >> i had no idea what was going on. and that i mean, supposedly they have a lot of evidence but i'm having a hard time believing it's something he would actually do because i've known him for a long time, too. >> reporter: here's information you need to help police locate the victims. they are asking anyone who knows the child who may have come into contact with john nicklas our shannon honea to call the baltimore county crimes against children unit. that number is 410-853-3650. again, they know there are at least three victims but they have been unable to identify the victims.
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this case also may lead them to atlanta, georgia. detectives believe some of the abuse may have happened in a hotel room there and that is shannon honea's hometown. to be clear, a spokesperson for transcare says that emts do not have the authorities to administer medication. john nicklas was denied bail. his fiancee, shannon honea, her bail was set at $5 million. live at baltimore county police headquarters, cheryl conner, abc2 news. eastern shore attorney who wanted to be your senator is dealing with his arrest for sexual assault. police in cambridge arrested 53-year-old grayson john allen echol after an officer says he saw her holding a woman down against her will in a law office this past weekend. he ran for state senate in 2002 but lost. an arraignment scheduled for mark floyd today, the man police say is responsible for a double stabbing in northeast
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baltimore. in june police found two decomposing bodies of women in the first floor apartment in bidison lane. floyd has been charged with first degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder. he's behind bars without bail. police in anne arundel county say a bunch of men robbed two people at the light rail station. they say two 17-year-olds and 25-year-old man have been charged with armed robbery. police are still looking for five other suspects. the two victims told police a group of eight men stole their cell phones around midnight saturday near the cromwell light rail station. then the suspects boarded an mta bus. another carbon monoxide scare in baltimore county. this time in whitemarsh. 10 people had to be rushed to the hospital. it happened at the commons of whitemarsh on -- and ship friend road. bge says that the leak came from two hot water heaters with clogged filters. six adults and four children were treated at area hospitals this complex is owned by sawyer
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realty. the same company that owns a townhouse complex in essex which has had a long history of carbon monoxide leaks. this morning investigators are still trying to figure out what caused such violent turbulence on a continental flight that sent passengers to the hospital. want to show you what it will look like in the cabin after making an emergency landing in miami. these pictures were taken by a passenger. you can see part of the plane ceiling split open. we're not supposed to see that. one passenger says that the damage was left behind from people being tossed up and out of their seats. >> all the lighting and where the masks come down and everything, people that weren't seat belted in flew up and hit the ceiling. their faces, heads, broke the plastics at the top. >> the plane with 179 people on board encountered severe turbulence on the way from rio de janeiro to houston. had to be diverted to miami. 26 passengers were hurt. some required at least temporary hospitalization. experts say there was no severe weather in the area at the time and continental says the plane
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ran into what they call clean air turbulence. the program "cash for clunkers" was so popular it ran out of money within about a week. even though it was supposed to last until november. so now what? abc2 news sherrie johnson joins with hopefully some answers to that. >> reporter: good morning. friday could be the last day of the popular $1 billion "cash for clunkers" rebate program. the white house says it will run out of money unless the senate follows in the house's steps and approves another $2 billion. "cash for clunkers" was set to ends november 1 or when the money ran out. the government is assessing what to do next if the cash is gone. the house approved continued funding for the program, now it's up to the senate to pass an additional $2 billion for the program will be suspended. "cash for clunkers" allows car owners to trade in old gas guzzlers and receive up to $4,500 in government assistance. some lawmakers are on opposite sides of the fence about this program. >> if it ain't broke don't fix it. >> it's working in every way.
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>> this is a horrible policy idea. and the fact that people buy cars when you give them free money does not mean that's what the federal government should be doing. >> reporter: today president barack obama invited all the senators to the white house to encourage them to support this program. the white house hopes it will help troubled car makers on the road to recovery. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 6:552. this is where the b & o headquarters used to be in 1906. now they opened a french cafe inside. it's called the b & 0. we got in this last week for our dine on a dime. now that you've had a taste of it we're going to go down for the whole meal tonight. beautiful place downtown. speaking of downtown, hope you were not stopped by pirates any time. it looks like a theme straight out of "pirates of the caribbean."
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throwing worries aboard at least for a day. most of these kids are fighting terrible diseases. yesterday pirate adventure was planned by casey cares foundation. known for their unique parties and vacations. they provide sick kids and their families with a chance to ditch the hospital and have a little bit of adventure. >> really exciting to be able to get out. you're just so used to getting cooped up and not really getting out at all. >> more than 100 families took part in the pirate attack which included a sail around baltimore's inner harbor. i did a story on that pirate ship last summer. great group of people out there. i'm sure they had a wonderful time. let's take you outside. hopefully a wonderful time today. we're going to have a mostly sunny day after some early fog burns off. 91 this afternoon, our two-degree guarantee. isolated evening thundershower and we'll slip back to about 70, some patchy fog overnight.
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after that we have one more day of heat but more humidity tomorrow, near 90. better chance of storms in the afternoon. so today's the pool day, tomorrow may be not so. thursday, friday, still the chance of showers and storms. returning to near 90 by the end of the weekend. we really had a really good start to the morning's rush hour. no real incidents to let you know about. let's update you. 9 a northbound -- 95 northbound, that exit ramp to emmorton road, that has been reopened. crash moved to the shoulder. southbound bw parkway at russem street, that crash has been cleared too. jfx at north avenue, you can see the southbound lanes are going to be on the left side of the screen, that is flowing smoothly. outer loop, 695 at liberty road, traffic looks good in both directions at this time. as you make your way to the route 70 interchange. back to you. you guys know i'm getting married this weekend. and jamie has been hassling me about what is your first dance? did you rehearse? we've been working on it.
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i thought i would share this with you. let me know what you think. >> where did you get the lessons? >> it's so disturbing. >> big head. >> you like it? that's our plan for the wedding. i like that. you like it? they surprised him with this on the 11:00 news. he woke me up this morning and said you have to watch this. i watched it. it made me laugh. i was actually crying i was laughing so hard. i figured i would surprise you with it.
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>> that's pretty good. >> we're going to miss you. >> i'll miss you. i'll be back. >> two and a half weeks. it's a wedding, a honeymoon. >> but i'll be back. and i'm still around for the 9:00 a.m. >> what is your name going to be when you get back? i know. inquiring minds want to know. >> ooh. we'll have to wait and see. >> kim brown? what are you going to do? >> i'm not marrying kim brown. >> i like pringle. pringle carlin. >> we'll see. >> we're voting on rob pringle. >> that i like. >> she's going to send us pictures of the wedding. we'll put them on, on monday. >> i'll call you monday before we leave for the honeymoon. >> sorry we can't make it. >> call us on the honeymoon, will you? >> not going to happen. see you later. this is more than my easy button.
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